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Organic Rose Veal

Organic Rose Veal

Rich in protein and iron, organic rose veal is lean, lower in fat than beef and gives a subtle, melt-in-the-mouth flavour with little to no seasoning required.

Indulgent cuts such as sirloin steaks, osso buco and fillet steaks are perfect for special occasions whilst our chuck, minute and hanger steaks make quick but delicious midweek meals that will also sizzle away nicely on the BBQ come summer. Juicy roasting joints such as rolled brisket, rump roast and topside will become your new Sunday roast favourites. With animal welfare our top priority, our rose veal are reared ethically, in a free-range environment with access to paddocks to roam and forage.

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  • Working in harmony with nature, our organic dairy calves are reared to the highest welfare standards certified by the Soil Association who stipulate that the calves must have access to outdoor pasture in order to forage and express their lively natural behaviours. They live in small, sociable groups. 

  • Organic rose veal requires very little seasoning. Cuts such as sirloin, chuck, minute and hanger steaks are all super quick and easy to cook whilst brisket, rump roast and topside will become your new Sunday roast favourite that takes a little longer in the oven.

  • Organic rose veal is rich in protein and iron. Lean and lower in fat than beef, it gives a subtle and melt-in-the-mouth flavour and can be considered the healthier option between the two.

  • Our rose veal (young male cow) is an ethical solution to the issue of surplus bull calves, it's a fantastic product and can be eaten with a clear conscience when sourced from reputable farms like ours. Instead of the typical 6 months for indoor-reared veal in the UK, our veal is grown slowly to 10 months old, with plenty of grass, forage and fibre in the diet as well as organic whole milk. 

  • Producing organic rose veal makes use of our surplus Friesian bull calves. They’re slowly reared for around 10 months and live outside as much as the weather allows, otherwise in an airy, straw-strewn barn. The name rose veal lends itself to the meat being tinted pink as the animals have access to pasture. 

  • In comparison to organic beef, the taste is tender and not as strong in flavour. Lean and with noticeably less fat, organic rose veal offers a melt-in-the-mouth texture with very little seasoning required. 

  • Our Friesian bull calves have access to grass that hasn’t been treated with any chemicals or pesticides, their diet is predominantly organic whole milk and nutrient-dense cake made from organic cereals and grain.