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Organic Ribs & Wings

Organic Ribs & Wings

Providing you with tender, fall-off-the-bone meat, our organic ribs are a great alternative cut when hosting this summer. From your classic beef short ribs and spare ribs to rose veal short ribs, we have something to suit everyone. Plus, don't forget the wings! You can't beat the taste of organic free-range chicken but for even more flavour, marinate overnight and chuck on the barbecue for easy finger food. 

Organic Chicken Wings
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Organic Beef Short Ribs
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Organic Pork Ribs
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  • Organic ribs are meaty, moist and moreish. Well known as a deep-south barbecue favourite or a sticky-fingered Chinese classic, organic spare ribs are a versatile cut packed with juicy flavour. Running from the shoulder of the carcass to the belly, pork ribs cut through lots of hard-working muscles and as a result have hearty and robust texture. We think a whole sheet of ribs sizzling on the barbecue is something quite spectacular, slather with your favourite barbecue sauce, cook for a few minutes on the first side until just starting to brown, then turn and brown the other side. Baste then turn again, repeating the process to build up a deliciously crisp crust of sauce without blackening it. It'll take about half an hour in total. Alternatively, cut your ribs into individual bones, cover in foil and oven cook them for a couple of hours in a sauce of chilli, soy, ginger and garlic. They'll be falling-off-the-bone tender.

  • Our ribs are award winning, with our beef short ribs winning gold with Taste of the West. Cut from between the flank and brisket on the lower side of the beef carcass, beef short ribs are a real treat that you may not have experienced before. Meatier and heartier than their porky counterparts, Coombe Farm Organic's short ribs are perfectly layered with thick marbled meat and soft melting fat. The classic cut rib is shorter and stockier than the alternative Jacob's ladder cut.

  • Organic meat, not just organic ribs, in our opinion tastes better than conventionally farmed meat. Organic meat truly tastes how meat should taste, full of ‘meaty’ flavour as a result of a natural diet, free of chemicals and hormones and it’s slow growth to full maturity. Sadly, we have become accustomed to the bland offerings of mass-produced meat but when you taste organic meat you will never go back to the flavourless stuff again.