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Our Awards

Our Awards

We're proud that many cuts of our organic meat have been lucky enough to win a collection of notable awards - from the Taste of the West to Great Taste and Boom awards.

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Taste Of The West


Organic Turkey, Ham & Cranberry Pie - Gold
Organic 35 Day Dry-Aged Sirloin Steak - Gold
Organic Chicken Legs - Gold
Organic Whole Chicken - Gold
Organic Sliced Roast Beef - Gold
Organic Lamd & Mint Sausages - Gold
Organic Pork & Rosemary Burgers - Gold
Organic Nitrate-Free Smoked Ham - Silver



Organic Beef Rump Roast - Gold
Organic Three Bird Roast - Gold
Organic Lamb Rump - Gold
Organic Spatchcock Chicken - Gol
Organic Apricot Sausage Meat Stuffing - Gold
Organic Lamb & Mint Pie - Silver
Organic Retired Dairy Burgers - Silver

Organic Pork & Cider Sausages - Commended


Organic Boneless Shoulder of Lamb - Gold

Organic Pork Shoulder - Gold

Organic Chicken Thighs - Gold

Organic Beef Topside - Gold

Organic Pork Chops - Gold

Organic Nitrate-Free Smoked Streaky Bacon - Gold

Organic Whole Turkey - Gold

Organic Beef Cote Du Boeuf - Silver



Organic Beef Steak Mince - Gold
Organic Whole Chicken - Gold
Organic Beef T-Bone Steak - Gold
Organic Shoulder of Lamb (on the bone) - Gold

Organic Lamb Chops - Gold


Organic Lamb Whole Rack - Gold

Great Taste


Organic Whole Goose - 3 Star
Organic Fillet of Beef - 1 Star
Organic Stuffed Turkey Crown - 1 Star


Organic Leg of Lamb On The Bone - 3 Star

Organic Whole Duck - 2 Star

Organic Beef Rib On The Bone - 1 Star



Organic Beef Steak Mince - 2 Stars

Organic Shoulder of Lamb (on the bone) - 2 Star

Organic Nitrate-Free Smoked Streaky Bacon - 1 Star

Organic Whole Chicken - 1 Star



​Organic Nitrate-Free Smoked Streaky Bacon - 1 Star 


Organic Beef Ribs On The Bone - 1 Star

Soil Association

BOOM - Best of Organic Box Schemes 

Sub-category winners for Best of Meat and Poultry for our stunning Whole Rack of Lamb

BOOM - Best Online Retailer


Foodies Festivals

2017 - Best Newcomer