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Wild Game


At The Organic Butchery, we put a great deal of thought into supplying wild Game to our customers. We believe in organic farming and it's virtues, however we are also deeply concerned by current levels of food waste in the UK. It is no secret that despite living a truly free-range life, game is reared primarily for sport. In the west country, we are surrounded by estates that do this and in doing so manage the habitats and eco systems that support a bounty of flora and fauna in the area. Wildlife that simply would not be given the opportunity to flourish without this land management. To let the harvested meat go to waste does not sit comfortably with us when we have the platform to see that it goes to good use. 

So even though our wild-caught game cannot be certified as organic, we can ensure that the best possible practices are used in its sourcing - emphasising sustainability, natural habitats, and a commitment to preserving the integrity and quality of the wildlife


Wild Venison Mince, Previously Frozen
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Wild Venison Diced, Previously Frozen
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Wild Venison Haunch Bone In, Pre Frozen
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Wild Venison Saddle Bone In, Previously Frozen
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Wild Venison Haunch Boned & Rolled, Pre Frozen
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Whole Wild Rabbit, Previously Frozen
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Organic Whole Duck, Previously Frozen
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  • Game meat is one of the healthiest meats available, it is very low in fat and cholesterol, generally higher in protein, and very lean as wild game are able to walk and roam freely, therefore not storing much fat.

  • Most game is only available during the autumn and winter, during the shooting season, this is followed by the ‘closed season’ when shooting is no longer allowed, this is essential for protecting animals when they are breeding and rearing their young. However, some game does not have a ‘closed season’, these game meats include rabbit and pigeon. At Coombe Farm Organic we freeze our game meat, making it available to you the consumer all year round.

  • Typically, game meat is the flesh of land mammals or birds, that are hunted for food instead of being raised on a farm. Game meat includes, ‘small birds’ such as quail, ‘winged game’ such as woodcock, grouse or partridge, ‘ground game’ such as rabbit or hare and ‘large game’ such as venison.

  • Their meat takes on the flavour of the berries, plants, seeds and other wild food that game birds and animals enjoy, making it far more flavoursome and characterful than intensively farmed meat.