Coombe Farm Organic is now The Organic Butchery. New name, same great values. The Organic Butchery - your destination for the highest quality, ethically butchered organic meat.
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Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Packaging

At The Organic Butchery, we’ve given the packaging of our products masses of thought. You see what we’re trying to achieve with is quality organic meat, at an affordable price. We want to deliver the best, tastiest, and most responsible product we can. We also have to think about the standard that our products arrive to your door in. With meat, temperature control is essential.

Many of our competitors opt to save money when dealing with this issue and supply their products in bulky, unrecyclable polystyrene boxes that are, quite frankly, a nuisance. We did look at the polystyrene boxes. Nasty, squeaky, environmental nightmares. We just didn’t feel comfortable putting our produce in them. So we sought an alternative.

We think our packaging solution is much more befitting of the organic produce we place inside. Sensible packaging, it is easy for you to recycle and reuse. Most importantly though, once packed up, it’ll keep your order at the required temperature for up to 36 hours. Which gives us plenty of time to get it to you.

Cardboard Box

The delivery box you will receive is made of 100% recycled paper and is 100% recyclable. It has been tested to ensure it deals with all of the weight we place within and acts as an insulator too.

Water-filled Ice Packs

The ice pack in your box can be reused - frozen it will stay cool for a long time. Perfect for your picnic or day out! Or you can empty the water contents in a drain as it's completely safe. The plastic is recyclable too.

WoolCool® Liner 

Environmentally sound, WoolCool® is made from 100% natural wool, it can be composted, recycled and reused in your home or your garden as nests for wildlife and lining for flower baskets.


How to return your packaging

We are delighted to offer a FREE packaging returns service. We will gladly re-use the ice packs and paper liners if they come back to us in good condition, all you have to do is package them and drop to your nearest DPD Pickup shop. To create a label, use this link to register the return - The Organic Butchery - DPD Returns

We would be grateful if you could please follow these guidelines to minimise the environmental impact of shipping -

  • Only return a FULL box of ice packs and liners (i.e. packaging from multiple orders)
  • Only return items that are not damaged
  • Please recycle paper items such as your invoice folder in your normal household recycling 
  • Ice packs and liners can be sent to us in any box of your choosing, we cannot re-use the The Organic Butchery branded box for another order

If you have any questions about our returns service, please contact customer service on 01460 279509 or email