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Organic Barbecue Boxes

Organic Barbecue Boxes

Much like our all-year-round meat boxes, our BBQ boxes are carefully curated to make things a little easier when it comes to hosting an al fresco dinner party - filled with classic crowd pleasers; burgers, sausages, wings and more.

The Organic Traditional BBQ Box
£34.55 £29.50
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The Organic Signature BBQ Box
£71.48 £60.00
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The Organic Luxury BBQ Box
£152.17 £130.00
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The Organic Burger Box
£43.43 £41.26
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  • From organic burgers and sausages, to grass-fed beef steaks and free-range chicken wings, we have everything you need for whole-hearted flavour when it comes to barbecuing this summer. If you simply don't know where to start, we've put together the Organic Barbecue box - full of a whole host of cuts just made for grilling.

  • Regardless of what cooking method you choose, if you are looking for a tender steak then hands down it has to be organic beef fillet. Lean, refined and soft as butter, it is a seriously indulgent steak. Coombe Farm Organic’s fillet steak will quite literally melt in your mouth. To barbeque the perfect fillet steak, remove it from the fridge and allow to reach room temperature, this will take roughly 15-30 minutes. Rub the streak on both sides with a little oil and season with sea salt and crushed black pepper, ensure the barbeque is really hot, place the steaks onto the barbeque grill and resist the temptation to keep turning them. As a rough guide, for a rare steak cook the steak for 1 ½ to 2 minutes each side, for medium rare cook for 2-3 minutes each side and for well-done cook for 4 minutes each side.

  • Who doesn’t love a good BBQ in the summer months, nothing quite beats the smell of a juicy steak or chicken wings drenched in a spicy marinade cooking over those hot coals, but it’s not just about that mouth-watering aroma, it’s got to be equally matched with delicious tasting meat. That’s why we always BBQ with our award-winning organic meat, it simply can’t be beaten for flavour, unlike conventionally farmed meats that often lack depth of flavour, our organic meat hits the spot every time.