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On The Block : Point-End Brisket

22nd June 2021
On The Block : Point-End Brisket
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On The Block : Point-End Brisket


In the lead up to summer, we asked our head butcher Lee to introduce some new cuts that would be perfect for creating showstoppers on the barbecue.

Without hesitation he suggested point-end brisket, and since it’s been on sale it has proved very popular with our customers. The cut is having a renaissance due to its incredible versatility, it can be shredded, smoked, roasted or cured for pastrami. It really is the ultimate crowd pleaser. Our top tip is to cook low and slow for meat that is melt-in-the-mouth delicious.

Where Is It Cut From?

Brisket is a large, primal cut of beef taken from the chest area of the cow above the front legs. It is a big cut of meat, and has two primary cuts separated by a layer of fat; the flat and the point. We like the point for its high fat and collagen content. It’s placement on the body means it’s a frequently used, hard-working muscle. When cooked correctly, the fat and collagen in this cut render down into the muscle to create a rich, deliciously tender meat.

How To Cook?

This is one of the cuts we really recommend you don’t undercook. The muscles have worked particularly hard in this part of the animal, producing rich intermuscular fat which produces tonnes of flavour when cooked well. We recommend cooking at 140’c/150’c for 6-8 hours to achieve a delicious tender texture. And remember it's always important to bring your cut of beef up to room temperature before cooking.

We’ve teamed up with editor of UK BBQ magazine and host of Country Wood Smoke, Marcus Bowden, on a delicious cooking method to get the best out of your brisket. In this video, he shows you how to smoke your brisket on the barbecue using a bone marrow wrap for soft and juicy results.

On The Block: Lamb Bacon

Give your full-English an extra twist this weekend

As with all of our cured products, we follow a simple, old-fashioned process in making our lamb bacon. The meat is slowly cured in a mix of sea salt, brown sugar, juniper, bay leaf and black pepper. No chemicals, nitrates or additives are involved. 

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