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On The Butcher's Block - Rib Of Beef

16th September 2020
On The Butcher's Block - Rib Of Beef
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On The Butcher's Block - Rib Of Beef


Our butchery team have a wealth of knowledge so we continue our series of articles looking at particular cuts (primals) of the carcasses we work with.

This month we’re focusing on Rib of Beef. Founder, Ben White, says: The Rib of Beef is easily my all-time favourite cut. it can be prepped in many ways, but at Coombe we produce: Ribs on the Bone, a roasting joint of caveman proportions. The date night centrepiece Côte De Boeuf, perfect for sharing. And the timeless classic, Rib Eye Steak.

Where Is It Cut From?

The Rib of Beef is a highly prized primal taken from the Forequarter of the carcass, sitting between the shoulder and the sirloin. The Rib is super indulgent. The fat content is high, but when we’re talking organic, grass-fed, nutrient-dense fat (packed with Omega 3’s) that is all the better. It is this intermuscular fat that renders down when cooked and makes the meat so tender.

What Is Created From The Rib Of Beef?

Once the beef has been aged for 21 days, which allows the flavours to develop and moisture to evaporate, our butchers create three wonderful cuts from this primal.

Organic Côte De Boeuf is the newest cut to be taken from the rib at The Organic Butchery. 800g of trimmed Rib-eye on the bone. Add the bone in the mix, and you’ve got yourself a giant of a steak that is all about flavour. If we left the bone long, you’d call this a tomahawk steak, but sadly it becomes pretty difficult to package such a big bone. The Côte de Boeuf makes a fantastic centerpiece at a BBQ and is a real treat to share. Weighing 600g, it is still possible for the particularly hungry carnivores out there to take it down – but boy is it a challenge!

Organic Rib on the Bone has long been considered the very best roasting joint of beef - there's something immensely decadent about this cut. Redolent of seasonal feasting (you can't help but think of Henry VIII) and combining immense table presence with distinctive character and robust flavour, our Organic Beef Rib on the Bone will reward you with a memorable meal. Well-marbled meat and a quick-melting layer of fat ensure succulence in this really meaty cut.

Previous "Champion Meat Product" at the Taste of the West Awards, our Organic Rib-Eye Steak is a firm favourite due to it's unique combination of tender, tasty meat and generous marbling. Beef steak lovers have, in recent times, become increasingly aware and appreciative of the rib eye's unique combination of tender, tasty meat and generous marbling. It needs little more than a pinch of seasoning upon cooking to really draw out the distinctive and robust flavour. 

How Do I Cook It?

This is one of the cuts we really recommend you don’t undercook. The muscles have worked particularly hard in this part of the animal, producing rich intermuscular fat which produces tonnes of flavour when cooked well. It's always important to bring your cut of beef up to room temperature before cooking.

The Côte Du Bouef is perfect for sharing. We recommend that you sear it on both sides over a high heat (about 2 mins each side) and then pop it in the oven on 160 for 20-30 minutes. if you have a meat probe, you’re looking for 71 degrees in the middle and it is perfect! Serve with roasted peppers & tomatoes, Cavolo Nero & some thick-cut sweet potato chips. You choose the sauce!

Simplicity is key when it comes to cooking Rib Eye Steak. Rare or medium rare is best, so rub a little oil onto each side of the steak, flavour with a little sea salt and fry in a very hot pan or griddle for a minute or two per side. Rest the meat for 5 to 10 minutes wrapped in foil before serving with crunchy chips and garlic mayo spiked with lemon and herbs. 

For a stunning Rib of Beef, whack it in the hottest oven for 20 minutes then reduce the temperature to moderate and roast for 30 minutes per kilo. Once cooked, give it a good long rest wrapped in foil. Make it centre of attention and carve it at the table.


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