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Organic Bones & Broth

Organic Bones & Broth

Sustainability is a crucial element of the way we work at The Organic Butchery. That means we make use of every part of every carcass – right down to the bones. If you care about what you eat, making your own stock is an easy way to be certain about what's going into your dishes, letting you control additives, preservatives and salt content. It's also a good way to eke out every last bit of nutrition from your food. 

With-out the hassle we have broth which is expertly made in London by the Borough Broth Co. using organic ingredients and their own special technique to extract the very best flavour from British free-range carcasses, the result is flavoursome versatile broths, try our introduction to broth box to find your favourite.    

Organic Beef Osso Buco
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Organic Chicken Carcass
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Organic Lamb Bones
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Organic Lamb Shank
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Organic Mutton Bones
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Organic Oxtail
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Organic Pork Stock Bones
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  • Organic bone broth is made by simmering the bones and connective tissue of organic animals, the broth can then be drank from a mug on its own or used to make soups, sauces or gravies. Whilst drinking bone broth has become popular as a health hack in recent times, the use of broth actually dates back to prehistoric times, when hunter-gatherers turned otherwise inedible animal parts like bones, hooves and knuckles into a broth they could drink. At Coombe Farm Organic we're proud to sell Borough Broth Co bone broths. Slow cooked to a secret recipe using organic bones, pure spring water, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and plenty of care and attention, these broths taste deeply delicious and are a great way to keep your gut happy.

  • There is some evidence to suggest anti-inflammatory qualities of chicken broth for sinus and respiratory infections, as well as some evidence to suggest bone broth also helps the lining of the gut, aid joints, muscles and bones as well as overall skin, hair and nail health due to the collagen within. Bone broth is a healthy addition to a balanced diet - research indicates that it’s the protein in broth that’s the main advantage to our health. This protein is broken down into collagen which promotes elasticity for firm smooth skin and glycine and glutamine which both promote a healthy immune system and gut lining. Adding vegetables towards to the end of the cooking time is a great way to increase its minerals and vitamin content.