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Spring Recipes To Try This Month

25th March 2024
Spring Recipes To Try This Month

Spring Recipes To Try This Month

Celebrate Easter in style with our organic centrepieces; from seasonal lamb to an impressive three-bird roast, we've curated the favourites that we will be putting on our menu and the recipes that we will be coming back to again and again this month.

Organic Leg of Lamb On The Bone

A seasonal favourite for good reason. Easter wouldn't be complete without lamb on the table. Sourced from our trusted network of organic farms where they are slow grown for a well developed meat with a natural layer of fat, our lamb is the essence of spring. Whether roasted to perfection with garlic and rosemary or slow-cooked until falling off the bone, our organic leg of lamb is the classic choice.

Organic Three-Bird Roast

Can’t decide on which bird to feature in your Easter feast? Why not try all of them! Featuring three of our finest birds; award-winning organic free-range turkey, duck and chicken all wrapped in nitrate-free bacon for a moist and juicy, show stopping roast with the wow factor.

Organic Leg of Pork

Perfect for an Easter roast paired with seasonal Cox or Bramley apples, our organic leg of pork from outdoor bred pigs is boned, rolled and tied ready to be popped into the oven. This joint suits long cooking to yield tender, juicy meat. 

Organic 28-Day Aged Beef Rump Roast

A rare cut with amazing texture and flavour, our 28-day aged beef rump roast is a hearty piece of meat packed with big, succulent flavours and plenty of juicy bite. 

Need Recipe Inspiration?

Whichever meat you choose, complement your organic centrepieces with a selection of classic spring recipes to inspire you these Easter holidays

Organic Lamb With Peppercorns

A punchy marinade makes this roast lamb a mouthwatering treat

Spatchcock Chicken With Lemon and Herbs

A tasty roast chicken for those days when the clock is against you

Pork Shoulder With Apple and Fennel Slaw

Balance rich, tasty pork roast with a fresh tasting apple and fennel slaw 

Spice Roasted Organic Goose

Try a beautifully fragrant spice mix rubbed into the skin of our organic goose for a flavoursome roast 

Rump Roast With Red Wine Jus

Sometimes traditional is best, especially with this classic roast beef recipe with a rich red wine jus