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Naomi Devlin – Food for a Happy Gut

2nd January 2018
Naomi Devlin – Food for a Happy Gut
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Naomi Devlin


Naomi Devlin is a dedicated foodie with a love for the diversity, seasonality and downright deliciousness of the amazing produce we have at our fingertips. She also happens to have coeliac disease – a condition that makes the small intestine hypersensitive to gluten and results in digestive difficulties. Does this diminish Naomi’s passion for food? Certainly not. In fact, it’s spurred her on to learn more about the mysteries of the gut, and how eating well makes you feel good, in all senses of the term.

From her early years growing up in a rural commune through to later travels abroad, Naomi has soaked up inspiration at every turn. Her aim is to promote food that’s nourishing and healthy, yes, but also comforting and delightful. Want to learn how to eat well and nurture a healthy digestive system? Turn to Naomi’s successful books or join her on one of her thought-provoking cookery courses.

At The Organic Butchery we’re delighted to meet with Naomi to chat all things meat with exciting cuts perfect for recipes that promote gut health. She’s happy you can cook satisfying hearty meals for which your belly will thank you.

A Word From Naomi…

A happy gut is calm and balanced, with a host of happy microbes feeding on the bits of our food that we can’t digest and supporting us by extracting vitamins, essential fats and supporting immune function.

Our microbes thrive on lots of plant foods that contain both soluble and insoluble fibre, things like onions, cabbage, beans, root vegetables, seeds and nuts, but they also love the connective tissues in meat that are broken down by a long slow simmer into velvety bone broths and sticky bone-in meat dishes. Those connective tissues stimulate digestive juices and soothe the lining of your gut, which can be irritated by stress hormones, alcohol and medications. It makes sense for everyone to include broths and slow-cooked meats in their diet.

Your gut prefers a small portion of meat and a big portion of vegetables, so everything in my Food For A Happy Gut book provides enough high-quality protein to satisfy your hunger, without upsetting the balance of your gut microbiome.

Top Tips:

• Make some delicious organic bone broth – it can be enjoyed on its own or used as a stock to transform soups, sauces, risottos and stews.

• Slow cook organic osso buco in a rich tomato sauce and serve it with a mixed root mash (such as celeriac, parsnip and salsify) and rainbow chard wilted with olive oil and lots of gut-friendly garlic.

• Not just delicious, organic chicken livers contain vitamins and minerals that can help restore the integrity of the gut lining.

Organic lamb shank has plenty of flavour and loads of connective tissue that will melt away on cooking and get your digestive juices flowing.

• Tasty minute steak has bags of flavour, so it works brilliantly with the small-portion-of-meat-big-portion-of-veg philosophy. Flash fry it in tallow and serve it sliced over hummus and roasted seasonal vegetables, with a big leafy salad on the side.