Coombe Farm Organic is now The Organic Butchery. New name, same great values. The Organic Butchery - your destination for the highest quality, ethically butchered organic meat.
High-Welfare Sustainable Meat Regenerative Farming


Honest Organic Flavour

We have one simple idea - that good food comes from caring for the welfare of the livestock we eat and the precious soil that is farmed. We believe that it takes time and commitment to give back the land what we take out. Our meat comes from animals grown slowly to maturity and you can taste the difference in our award-winning products.

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Online Butcher

The Organic Butchery sources the finest organic beef, pork, chicken, goose and lamb from hand selected local farms. We also partner with like-minded brands to provide a full range of organic and sustainable meats and fish.

Our mission is to approach butchery with a whole-carcass perspective, to make the most of every animal that crosses our blocks. We don't believe in wasting anything which means we offer you cuts that you will never see on the supermarket shelves.

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